Plastmotta frá Sænska framleiðandanum Brita Sweden.
Stærð 70×250
Einstaklega góðar og sterkar mottur sem endast og endast.

Our plastic rugs are made from plastic foil and have been produced in Sweden according to old Swedish weaving traditions. Much is still made by hand and the rugs may therefore vary slightly in size.

You can use the rugs both indoors and outdoors. However if it is exposed to direct sunshine for a long time, colors may fade. Therefor rotate the rug from time to time to wear it even. Let the rug hang dry after heavy rains. If being placed on a hot surface, for example a sunny veranda the heat might cause the rug to shrink slightly and the ending might be a little wavy. If this occur, wet the rug and try to shape it gently by stretching it in sides, not at the edging though.

Don’t leave them outdoors in wintertime since the cold may cause edgings to break. Handle edgings carefully.

The rugs are free from heavy metals and phthalates.

Care: Rinse stain, don’t rub. Hand or machine wash with a  small amount of detergent in cold water (30°C/86F). No spincycle or tumble dry.  Shape when wet by stretching the sides, but leave the edging.  Hang dry. May shrink up to 5% after washing.

Never fold your rug for storage.